Canon printers are very easy to connect with pc or laptops. You can print anything from anywhere. canon printers can also be connected with a wireless connection. To install your Canon Printer USB is the best way, you just need to connect your Canon Printer to Computer with USB cable. It will automatically install Canon Printer drivers.

How to Setup Canon Wireless Printer?

Here are few steps to setup the wireless canon printer setup. Follow these steps:

  • Open the Canon Printer & install the print heads. Connect power cable to canon printer and to the electrical outlet. Power on canon printer.
  • Now fill ink in the ink tanks and then load enough number of papers in the paper tray.
  • Connect your computer with wireless network connection. Install the software installation CD/DVD of your canon printer in your computer and download and install all the necessary drivers and softwares in your computer.
  • It will ask for agreement to the canon license. Select the network connection. Click okay when the installation is completed.
  • Click on wireless button in your canon printer. Open paper support in head alignment screen.
  • Now Install the sheets of paper in the input tray of your canon printer and adjust the width guides & close the feed slot cover & output tray extension.
  • Click on execute and in the start print head alignment screen, click on align print head.
  • Then, take test print if you want. Your canon printer is wirelessly setup and you can enjoy printing wirelessly from your driver installed computer.

How to Install & Downloaded Software & Driver for Canon Printer?

First, click the download option on the printer manufacturer's Web site to download the printer driver file.

  • Click the downloaded Canon Printer drivers.
  • The file name ends in exe for windows. The file will be downloaded.
  • Wait until installer extracts the files & prepare for installation on your PC.
  • Follow the instructions & install the Drivers until finish.
  • After the process is completed, restart your computer or laptop.
  • Then test your printer by scan test, if it has no issues the printer are ready to use.

How to Print Images from Memory Card & USB?

If you want to print images from memory card or USB, then you need to follow the given method. Checkout the steps for printing images by canon printers here:

Steps to Print an Image from Memory Card:

With canon printers, now it is very easy to print any image from memory card. For this, your canon printer should have memory card slot. If you have memory card slot in printer then follow the given steps:

  • Unbox the canon printer & fill the ink tanks & papers then connect with power cable.
  • Open the memory card slot cover of your canon printer. Install memory card in the slot.
  • Now press the menu button and then select INDEX and then press OK. Change the printer setting & press color print button.
  • At once index sheet of your photos is been printed, press the select all option to print all photos.
  • When all photos are printed, remove the memory card from the slot carefully.

How to Print an Image with USB Cable:

  • Install the CD/DVD that contains your canon printer’s drivers and softwares in your computer. Download & install all the required drivers of canon printer.
  • Select connect printer with USB & follow the on screen instructions.
  • When the canon printer connection screen appears, connect the USB cable to your canon printer and to the driver installed computer.
  • Do not connect the USB cable before the computer screen prompts.
  • Open the feed slot cover and adjust the paper width guides & close it.
  • Click on execute and in the start print head alignment screen, click on align print head. when the installation process is successfully done, click on exit.

Canon Inkjet Printers & Canon Laser Printers:

Canon is a very famous company which manufactures Digital cameras, DSLRs, Camcorders & Printers. Canon Printers are very echo friendly. Canon Printers are available in 2 types: Laser Jet Printers & Inkjet printers which offers single function & multi functions.
Inkjet printers are generally cheaper, smaller, and have the versatility to print both text-based documents and high quality images, especially photos. Laser printers, may be expensive upfront and uses pricier toner cartridges but still offers an overall lower cost per page, faster print speeds and typically involve a lower total cost of ownership. Canon's laser printers are frequently faster than their inkjet printers. Canon laser printers work by melting the dry toner particles onto the paper. This makes their printouts extremely stable and long lasting. Many Canon inkjet printers use dye-based inks that can fade or smudge but offer excellent image quality.

Why do you Need Support Service for Canon Printer Setup:

When you try to install canon printer setup or drivers you may face some issues. Like

  • Driver Installation
  • Mobile Print Support
  • Wireless Setup Support
  • Troubleshooting
  • Printer Memory Full or hangs
  • Print Quality Issues
  • Printer Connection to Internet Issues

If you face any of the above problem, you can directly contact to the canon support team anytime. Canon support team provides 24*7 support.